Hidden Treasure Media will take your footage and create memorable family videos that you will always treasure. We take your amateur photos / videos and turn them into priceless treasures that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come. Trying to manage all those memories may seem complicated but we make the process easy for you.

Give your memory a little help by allowing us to weave all of those beautiful memories together into a digital file set to your favorite music, coupled with transitions, titles, or special effects. We understand the significance of documenting cherished memories in your life and protecting and seizing those beautiful moments to recollect forever.

We have access to all high-end software to produce broadcast-standard family videos at an affordable price. We have extensive experience to help you preserve your treasured family memories in a beautifully produced video that will allow you to relive those moments for years to come!

What You Get:

  • Connect generations of your family members with a unique and tangible video legacy
  • Your family memories, history, and stories preserved
  • A profound impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones
  • The opportunity to be heard in your own words about the life you’ve lived and the experiences you’ve had
  • A professionally produced video that engages you in telling your story

What We Offer:

  • We guide you on how to recorded insightful biographical interviews of your loved ones in the comfort of your own home
  • We edit in your family videos, photos, maps, or existing media
  • We provide the final videos in digital files to easily share with your family or keep private
  • Different packages to fit your budget
  • Video editing of your life cycle event celebrations

Post-Production Process:

  • Music added
  • Editing of interview and removal of interview questions
  • Integration of existing family photos into the videos
  • Transformation of long-form interview into approachable individual short videos (according to package)
  • Delivery of final product in various formats in hard and digital copy (according to package)



Asked Questions

What software does Hidden Treasure Media use for video editing?

To deliver a polished, professional video you’ll be eager to share across all of your media channels, we use Avid Media Composer which is the industry standard for feature motion picture and television productions in Hollywood. We also employ Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. 

What type of files and formats should I provide?

To create a crisp, top-of-the-line video, we ask that you please provide all video files in High definition (HD) or 4K+ resolution.  Please provide any logo graphics  in PNG or PSD format and any music files in wav, mp4, mov and mp3. 

How do I send my files?

For optimal file delivery, we suggest the following formats: 

How does your revision process work?

While we’re excited to meet your team during our initial consultation, we do ask that your organization establish a single representative that we may contact regarding project edits and requests. We ask this of you in order to make sure that we’re all on the same page and working toward the same goal: a stellar video your organization will love! 

 The Service shall be made available for acceptance at agreed stages. At each agreed stage, changes to the Service shall only be permitted to the extent that such changes are consistent with the brief. Beyond completion of the project, we will allow the ‘Three Hour Rule’. By this it is meant that any change or alteration to the final product that we deem will take less than three man-hours will not be charged. More extensive changes will require an additional fee. 


We look forward to your input to correct minor details and/or any misunderstandings based upon the initial agreement. However, please do take care that any changes outside of the scope of our initial agreement—including music—will require an additional fee. 

Are there any payment stipulations?

To secure the scheduling of your project, we require a 50% down payment. The remaining balance is due upon completion. 

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Hidden Treasure Media leverages more than 30 years of expertise in editing quality video products for broadcast across electronic and digital media platforms.

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